Vidwan-ID : 132976

Dr Arti R Thakkar

Associate Professor
Amity University, Noida


Pharmacology and Pharmacy

Pharmaceuticals (Biopharmaceutics, QA and DRA) specifically, Analytical and Bio-Analytical Method Development (HPLC) and Validation; Topical Formulations Development; QC/QA Documentation; Intestinal Permeation and Transport Studies and PK of Small Molecules; Cell Culture Techniques (Caco-2 Cells); Gene Cloning, Gene and Protein Expression Analysis (Q-PCR) and PK-PD Modeling Simulation

Personal Information

Dr Arti R Thakkar

Amity Road, Sector 125
Noida, Uttar Pradesh, - 201301


  • Associate Professor

    Amity Institute of Pharmacy (Noida)

    Amity University, Noida


  • PhD